The bold and passionate love drama “India Blues: Eight Feelings,” helmed by George Markakis, explores the complexities of a relationship between two young men. The film’s distinct narrative approach, character growth, and thematic complexity are all examined in this review.

Plot Analysis: The eight main feelings of Pain, Lust, Happiness, Jealousy, Attraction, Peacefulness, Love, and Anger are presented in an erratic sequence by the film’s non-linear storytelling, which is reminiscent of Jean-Luc Godard’s cinematic style. This arrangement does a good job of reflecting how erratic love and relationships can be.

The difficulties of emotional fragility, the intricacies of youthful love, and the emotional roller coaster of a romantic relationship are among the main themes. The way these ideas are explored in the movie is honest and moving.

Character Development: Yiannis Kolios and Christoph Forny, who play the protagonists, show a convincing and genuine development in their relationship. Their interactions give their characters more nuance, ranging from emotional exchanges to heated arguments.

  • Non-linear narrative
  • romantic play
  • Vulnerability on an emotional level
  • youthful romance
  • intricate connections

This review aims to fascinate readers who value in-depth film study and those who are curious about distinctive narrative structures in movies with its analytical and conversational tone.

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TitleIndia Blues: Eight Feelings
Release Date24 Sep 2013
Runtime96 minutes
GenreDrama, Romance
DirectorGeorge Markakis
Main ActorsChristoph Forny, Yiannis Kolios
LanguageGerman, English
IMDb Rating4.3/10
DVD DetailsPAL, Widescreen, Multi-language
  1. What is the narrative style of ‘India Blues: Eight Feelings’?
    • The film uses a non-linear narrative, presenting key emotions of the relationship in a non-sequential order.
  2. Is ‘India Blues: Eight Feelings’ suitable for all audiences?
    • The film is unrated, and its mature themes and depiction of relationships may not be suitable for all viewers.
  3. What are the primary languages in the film?
    • The film is predominantly in German and English.
  4. Can ‘India Blues: Eight Feelings’ be played on standard US DVD players?
    • No, it requires a multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player for viewing in the USA and Canada.

Additional Instructions

  • Avoid major spoilers to maintain viewer interest.
  • Highlight the film’s cultural impact and unique storytelling approach.


“India Blues: Eight Feelings” is a cinematic exploration of love’s complexities, offering a fresh perspective on romantic relationships through its innovative narrative structure and emotional depth. It’s a must-watch for those who appreciate films that challenge conventional storytelling techniques.